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Tue Mar 24

I had a small surgery yesterday! Got my first stitches! I’m super happy for some odd reason. My back is killing me but I’m still really happy :D

Gonna watch Her Name is Sabine today…French documentary.

No scary nightmares last night/this morning.

My mom just realized that Spring Break is for spring cleaning. She made me do spring cleaning during winter…errrr…hope I don’t have to do a second one.

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Mon Mar 23

I haven’t updated in a long time…lol. Well, spring break at last!

Watched Rain Man last night. Very touching.

Had a horrible nightmare this morning. I’ve decided to blame it on myspace’s “When will you die?” ads.

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Sat Mar 14

Sick :(

I have a headache and I seriously feel like puking right now. That would be very messy and disgusting. And I just ate a whole bunch of flavorless oatmeal, but there’s still a hole in my stomach.

I’m home alone bc my parents went with my sister to do some campus touring stuff…

I have a winter jacket on, legwarmers, a scarf, a beanie, and I’m freezing.

On Thursday, my group did our play in social studies. Each group has to do two posters, then a play. In the month that we worked on the project, 2 of the group’s members were absent. I was always there, of course, since I must get perfect attendance this year. So anyway, I did most of the work on the posters, and I practically wrote the entire script for our play. And guess what happened on Thursday. They cut out half of my lines. Boy, do I feel loved and appreciated!

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Wed Mar 11

Orchestra concert today :D We performed at the local high school. We were awesome! I got a small goodie bag from my ‘sponsor’, as I’m gonna be in that orchestra next year. She is such a sweet person! I got cookies, a notepad, earrings (my ears aren’t pierced though), a welcome card, and a pirate activity book. Makes me feel so special :) All the other sponsored people just got hats or scarves.

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Sat Mar 7

I watched Slumdog Millionaire today. It was the best movie I’ve seen in years. It’s sad to think that all those slums actually exist. I’m glad I had tissues with me….

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Wed Mar 4

Aww :(

I got a 98% on my math test. I was confident I had gotten a 100%. Guess what my mistake was. I wrote:


I’m a genius!

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Sat Feb 28


Last night I watched The Secret Life of Bees. It was such a good movie! For months I’ve only been watching comedies, since I bawl like a baby in any other movie and end up becoming the butt of a joke. But this one was really worth it. Good thing I had my tissues handy!

And I just found that Slumdog Millionaire is R rated. That really maddens me. So I’ll have to wait a couple months until the DVD comes out. Joy.

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Wed Feb 25

Today is Bryan’s birthday. It’s also been a great day for me! Here’s why:

1) Got my math test back. Missed the easy question, but got full marks on the toughest question and thus, a smiley face :D

2) 99% on my science test! I was expecting a solid A, so I was thrilled.

3) 100% on my poetry recitation in English. O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman.

4) I remembered to take my Vitamin C this morning. Gummy bears…

5) I found the key to one of my old diaries.

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Sun Feb 22


I HAVE FOUR LITTLE BABIES! I thought it was three, but it’s four! Four little asparagus bulbs! :D Just planted them today and watered them. I really hope they give me edible asparagus.

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Fri Feb 20

Today, I heard somewhere in the news about a sick guy who dognapped a golden retriever from an animal shelter and sodomized it.

People like that make me wish that technology was advanced enough to make human punch bags. As in, those punch bags that hang from ceilings, that boxers use to train. I wish it was possible and legal to just somehow hang that guy from the ceiling without strangling him, and let people just punch him.

And I really wish that that old method of public humiliation, where people were in those wooden stocks, still existed. I would be more than happy to visit criminals like that sick man and pelt them with potatoes aimed at the head and other painful areas. Maybe shoes, too.

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Wed Feb 18

Three Things a Guy Should Do

1) Profess

2) Provide

3) Protect

From Steve Harvey (saw it on the Today show)

But, I think the most important thing in a relationship is respect.

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Sun Feb 15

Skiing is awesome! We had 2 2-hour sessions, and a 2 hour break in-between. In the second session, we were split up in two groups, depending on our level of skiing, and I was in the advanced group! I started out really well, but I began overthinking everything and messed up a lot. D: I fell over a fence, flipped, and fell head-first on concrete. My head hurts like hell now, but I’m alive, so it’s all good. I fell on my butt too, as well as sideways (because I couldn’t stop, haha), and backwards on my sister. I think she was pissed off. Ah well. We might go skiing again next week!

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Sat Feb 14

SKIING TOMORROW! GONNA BE MY FIRST TIME SKIING! So excited right now! Spent the whole of today preparing, haha. Went from store to store looking for gloves and goggles and hats and all.

So…there was a white BLG hoodie with the album logo I wanted a month or two back. I was heartbroken when it sold out… :(

IT’S BACK! BUUUUUT, in XS. Ehh, I ordered it anyway. I’m pretty sure it’ll fit. The only problem is that I’ll outgrow it soon. Oh well…I’d rather get it than not get it and regret that.

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Fri Feb 13

Oh, Poo!

My school has love grams…and almost all my friends got 1 or 2 carnations. What did I get??? Nothing.

I made a denim sunglasses case for my friend 2 days ago. Then, having just learned embroidery, I embroidered on a B, for her first initial. I spent at least 6 hours on that. So today, I saw my friend and gave it to her. She looked at me. “No candy?” then went on to insult the threading and say that the B was “ugly”. Gosh, I swear, if I hadn’t used that method of counting to ten, I would’ve attacked her. I was so pissed. I almost slapped her in the process of snatching it back. Then she was all apologetic. I mean, I put so much effort into that, and she repays me by asking for candy? It hurt.

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Wed Feb 11

Nothing much happened today. My hair has a feathery look at the moment and my sister made fun of it. How nice of her. I got chocolates for myself. I’m gonna be my own valentine! <3

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